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Pai is surrounded by natural hot springs which are famous for promoting good health. These hot springs bubble up from the ground in the middle of our tropical national forest, relaxing among nature and benefiting from their renowned health-promoting properties, with nothing but the sounds of the birds to accompany them (and the occasional local elephant!).

Sai Ngam Hot Spring Pai

There is more to Sai Ngam than being an excellent place for a soak. Beyond exploring ruins and getting some food, you can meet the tree named Sai Ngam. The waters are crystal clear and the area is a perfect picture of nature.

Mueang Paeng Hot Springs

This natural hot spring is located in Mueang Paeng which is about a 45 minute ride from Pai. If you’re into curvy roads through hills and farm land, you just might enjoy the ride more than the springs! There are a couple of soaking pools and a man made channel which lets the water progressively cool down. The water comes out of the ground at 100C so be careful where you put your foot in!

Tha Pai Hot Springs

Located in the Huai Dang Nation Park, Tha Pai is a popular destination for locals and tourists. There are multiple man made pools, dammed sections at various temperatures, and private bath houses. The water steams out of the ground at 80C and runs downhill to where it collects for bathing. At the top, you’re welcome to boil eggs in the sulfurous waters. Camping is also available.

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