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The town and area of Pai are lush, populated by varied and friendly people, and play host to an array of interesting, delicious, and relaxing activities. The local people are Thai, Thai Yai and the hill-tribe Lisu, Akkha, Lahu and Karen people, making for a feast of colour, dress, and custom.

The town is set in the middle of a valley where many local people grow Thailand’s most famous export: rice, among other crops. The surrounding mountains make the hustle and bustle of the outside world fade into the distance, and provide a private, cosy and spectacular setting for rest and play.

Blessed with a mild climate, Pai is ideal year-round. In winter, the surrounding mountains transform into a sea of deep yellow, red and brown, as the cooler weather allows the forest to rest. Pai enjoys a mild climate, making it the ideal destination throughout the year.

Below is a snapshot of the climate:

  • High (Cool) Season: 12º C – 28º C from November – February
  • Low (Hot & Dry) Season: 24º C – 35º C from March – April
  • Green (Monsoon) Season: 24º C – 32º C from April – October

The Pai area is a treasure-trove of attractions. The local area is famous to many Thai people as the site of a famous drama that played out between the highly admired Thai King Naresuan and the Burmese kingdom to the northwest around 400 years ago. The saga is commemorated at the famous Wat Nam Hu temple, where visitors can gain an insight into the area’s famous past.

Typical of northwest Thailand, the area is dotted with many famous monasteries (Wat), including Wat Phra That Mae Yen (where you can gain an impressive view of Pai and the valley), Wat Klang, and Wat Luang (monasteries where Thai Yai/Burmese architecture is on display).

    Nature puts on quite a display in Pai, and visitors can take advantage of the natural hot springs that bubble up in the middle of the lush tropical forest of the local national park, relaxing among nature and benefiting from their renowned health-promoting properties, with nothing but the sounds of the birds to accompany them (and the occasional local elephant!).

    Many other activities await you here in Pai, such as beautiful waterfalls to swim in, stunning informal walks through the forest and/or organised treks through the jungle, whitewater rafting,  day and evening markets filled with local delicacies and crafts, and the opportunity to sample traditional Thai cuisine in the myriad restaurants that dot the town and surrounds. Of course, we will provide you with any advice you might require should you be looking for a particular experience.

    We are surrounded by Hot Springs which are notorious for their health giving properties.

    There are Elephant Camps, bamboo rafting on the beautiful Pai River.

    A morning and evening market, where fresh local produce is sold every day at such cheap prices.

    Once a week we have a large market where traders from further afield come to ply their wares. With everything from clothes to baskets, batiks, exotic fish, jewellery and of course fresh produce.

    For those coffee lovers who cannot survive a day without a decent coffee, there are Hill Tribe Coffee Farms in the Mountains where pure Arabica coffee is grown and it is delicious.

    Due to the bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables, delicious fruits shakes and ice-creams can be enjoyed.

    We have waterfalls, Pai Canyon, a World War Two Bridge, serene temples, National Parks, Chinese and Thai villages.

    Pai town sells a lot of local handicrafts. You will be amazed at the beautiful pieces that you can buy at a reasonable price.

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