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Welcome to PaiNa PaiTa Homestay

The way of life at PaiNa PaiTa is about sharing a simple living, spending the time we have together in harmony with nature around us. We practice sustainability in the environment among mountains with good weather and socially with the sincere friendliness found in Pai. We are pleased to freely share these values with everyone.

From early morning mists at sunrise to stargazing at night, every moment is cherished in the peaceful and natural surroundings at PaiNa PaiTa. Experience life close to nature. Take a moment to relax and celebrate life through slow living while enjoy the delights of Pai.

PaiNa PaiTa homestay is only 5 minutes from the center of Pai by car or motorcycle and 15 minutes by bicycle. A small, out of town oasis that isn’t too far from the life of town.

Look at Peace & Nature Around You


PaiNa PaiTa is a unique resort with homes made of natural materials like clay and bamboo. Our accommodations are available for short term and long term rental. Each option has private rooms as well as a private bathroom. We are happy to share the Pai lifestyle in a traditional and natural setting.

Please see the homes here

We would like to share with you the lifestyle that we enjoy in Pai.

All of the houses are built with traditional materials, clay, wood, bamboo, and leaf roofs.

PaiNa PaiTa handicrafts


Apart from the lovely accommodation and homely setting provided by PaiNa PaiTa, Kob has been providing tourists and locals alike with quality handicrafts for almost ten years.

PaiNa PaiTa Kitchen

Food from local, organic farms home cooked into delicious traditional dishes. Vegan and vegetarian, all of our options are a healthy way to feed you body and soul. We hope to bring happiness to your hearts and stomachs with the food from our kitchen. It is our love for you.

PaiNa PaiTa Menu

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