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Cheevadin by PaiNa PaiTa Home – Handicrafts

Kob’s first stop from leaving Bangkok was with the Akkha hill tribes in Northern Thailand. Here, she spent five years volunteering her time to teach the indigenous people how to read, write, and speak Thai. In her time here, the Akkha taught her about their traditional crafts. How they make threads from bamboo, hemp, and cotton. Turning the threads into clothing. Working with silver, stones, and other materials of the land to create beautiful pieces of jewelry.

For nearly ten years, Kob has been honing these arts with Cheevadin. Everything in the shop is handmade with organic and high quality materials. No two pieces are alike. The spirit of the artist is evident in the work.

Cheevadin is the perfect opportunity to take some of PaiNa PaiTa Home with you wherever you are going next, for yourself or a loved one.

The shop is open everyday of the week except Sunday. International shipping is available for all purchases. Contact Kob directly to inquire about purchasing online or custom requests.

To purchase any of the items shown here, please contact us about price. International shipping is available.

Payment Methods

All prices are in Thai Baht.

Transfer to Our Bank:

Government Savings Bank
Account Number: 020-202-128623
Account Name : Suparetana Tiapat

You may also pay using your credit card via PayPal

(No PayPal Account Required)

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